Monday, March 30, 2009

Macau Update

Is it weird that I pay people to wash my hair? I love getting my hair washed by a salonist it's just not the same when I wash it myself. Well, aside from getting my hair washed at the salon daily, I have so far been to... Taipei, Macau, Shen wan, Seki, Zhong Shan, Tan zhou, Guang Zhou and of course Hong Kong.
My parents have been dragging me back and forth in and out of their hometowns, but pretty interesting. Although relatives here may criticize and pick on me sometimes, it's probably just for fun, at least I'm gonna believe so and not think twice. The best part is when they adore me (:
I don't really know what my point was, but yeah I'm about half way through this trip and I'll be home soon. Hmm.. what is "home" really?

Click on the picture to view the Macau (澳門) '09 album!

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