Friday, April 03, 2009

Hong Kong Update

I miss home, but can I call this place my second home?

I miss Hawaii but yet I don't feel this trip is long enough. I feel sort of attached to HK & the excitement that builds up in one while they walk the streets (or perhaps it's just me). Sometimes all the lights, sounds, smells & just the atmosphere in general really sinks in & I can feel my skin thicken, my attitude change, & my pace quicken all while still maintaining a steady heart beat. Never have I been so immediately aware of my senses adapting. Sometimes it feels like it's dog eat dog and bitch or get bitched around here. People here act as if they're so intimidating, it's like a reflex for me to show them what intimidating really is. Haha! I think I'm infatuated. It's relaxing being so far from where I am so used to being everyday, but then I inevitably miss that place I call home.

Click on the picture to view the HK (香港) '09 album!

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  1. I think I understand you and it makes me reminisce of my "other" home.