Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tinkers much

So figuring out how to manage my blogspot turns out to be no big deal. I've settled into this place and can honestly say I believe I've got all the knots and bolts... or is it knots and screws? Nonetheless, I'm almost certain I've figured out everything there is to figure out about how to operate around here and keep my blog's obedience.

I have to say though, blogspot seriously played one heck of a rough game when it came to adding music to my page. I tried using my basic knowledge of HTML and tested put the background sound code as well as the embeded player code, but neither succeeded in their mission. Before letting fustration get the best of me, I quit and clicked on the Help Center link. I ended up creating an account on and organized that player on the lower left of my page. Blogspot, consider yourself defeated. Applaud me.

All right so other than tinkering around with Blogspot, I've also been tweaking my Itunes and I have less a week left before break ends and school starts. I guess I'll be busy for the next few days with the homework I've procrastinated for the past two and half weeks.

Ohh and I recently pulled up my youtube favorites listed and remembered how much I loved this video. College is 2 years away. I wonder if I'll be able to survive, alone and away from home.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Because blogging is such a satisfying way of killng time and since sleep doesn't seem to be on my agenda tonight... or should I say this morning? I present to you this blog! It has already been half a week since my brother got back from his trip to Los Angeles but I thought right now would be nice to blog about it now regardless of how long ago it was because well, it's my territory and I get to do what I want (:

All right, so it was New Years Eve Approx. 9PM and after about an hour of waiting for Dad to pick him up, drive him home, and dry his suitcase from the haphazard rain, Brotherman finally awarded me for my patience with a souvenir!

An adorable harp seal

An average person would probably take 2 months
to drink all this. Only took me 2 weeks.
Any guesses on the amount of cans used?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

'09 So Fine

Due to my overload of subscriptions from all sorts of miscellaneous websites all over internet, I have decided put my new E-mail into use. My previous E-mail inbox has been bombarded with E-mails ranging from sites such as Facebook, to picture hosting, video streaming, Ebay, shopping catalogs, manga updates, Shakespeare sonnets, SAT question of the day, and other equally awesome ways to confront boredom...

And although it sounds a lot more reasonable to just unsubscribe from a few things than to create a whole new account, I'd rather keep all my subscriptions and create another one for other useful purposes. Ahh.. I just don't know when to stop do I? So to compliment my new E-mail, I created a new blog. I've been on Xanga for almost six years of my life and although I was never a frequent blogger, I did kept an annual blog and I have updated once again so check if out if you still remember mine.

Anyways.. it may be winter during Christmas elsewhere, but it's definately still summer during Christmas here! So instead of buiding snowmen during the holiday season, looks like I'll be building sandcastle because unlike my brother, I've got no planned trips to see snow. So what's up this winter break? Well, I guess there's nothing like than an afternoon with a good friend at the beach!

I think the crabs hold a conference
at Kaka'ako Waterfront every winter.

Adorable right?
Hope everyone's enjoying their winterbreak!