Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Because blogging is such a satisfying way of killng time and since sleep doesn't seem to be on my agenda tonight... or should I say this morning? I present to you this blog! It has already been half a week since my brother got back from his trip to Los Angeles but I thought right now would be nice to blog about it now regardless of how long ago it was because well, it's my territory and I get to do what I want (:

All right, so it was New Years Eve Approx. 9PM and after about an hour of waiting for Dad to pick him up, drive him home, and dry his suitcase from the haphazard rain, Brotherman finally awarded me for my patience with a souvenir!

An adorable harp seal

An average person would probably take 2 months
to drink all this. Only took me 2 weeks.
Any guesses on the amount of cans used?


  1. Yay. I found a young person who is new to this aswell! I like your playlist. Sorry I'm completely random. But hey new friends dont hurt!!