Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tinkers much

So figuring out how to manage my blogspot turns out to be no big deal. I've settled into this place and can honestly say I believe I've got all the knots and bolts... or is it knots and screws? Nonetheless, I'm almost certain I've figured out everything there is to figure out about how to operate around here and keep my blog's obedience.

I have to say though, blogspot seriously played one heck of a rough game when it came to adding music to my page. I tried using my basic knowledge of HTML and tested put the background sound code as well as the embeded player code, but neither succeeded in their mission. Before letting fustration get the best of me, I quit and clicked on the Help Center link. I ended up creating an account on and organized that player on the lower left of my page. Blogspot, consider yourself defeated. Applaud me.

All right so other than tinkering around with Blogspot, I've also been tweaking my Itunes and I have less a week left before break ends and school starts. I guess I'll be busy for the next few days with the homework I've procrastinated for the past two and half weeks.

Ohh and I recently pulled up my youtube favorites listed and remembered how much I loved this video. College is 2 years away. I wonder if I'll be able to survive, alone and away from home.