Sunday, January 04, 2009

'09 So Fine

Due to my overload of subscriptions from all sorts of miscellaneous websites all over internet, I have decided put my new E-mail into use. My previous E-mail inbox has been bombarded with E-mails ranging from sites such as Facebook, to picture hosting, video streaming, Ebay, shopping catalogs, manga updates, Shakespeare sonnets, SAT question of the day, and other equally awesome ways to confront boredom...

And although it sounds a lot more reasonable to just unsubscribe from a few things than to create a whole new account, I'd rather keep all my subscriptions and create another one for other useful purposes. Ahh.. I just don't know when to stop do I? So to compliment my new E-mail, I created a new blog. I've been on Xanga for almost six years of my life and although I was never a frequent blogger, I did kept an annual blog and I have updated once again so check if out if you still remember mine.

Anyways.. it may be winter during Christmas elsewhere, but it's definately still summer during Christmas here! So instead of buiding snowmen during the holiday season, looks like I'll be building sandcastle because unlike my brother, I've got no planned trips to see snow. So what's up this winter break? Well, I guess there's nothing like than an afternoon with a good friend at the beach!

I think the crabs hold a conference
at Kaka'ako Waterfront every winter.

Adorable right?
Hope everyone's enjoying their winterbreak!

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