Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shenwan Update

17° C!!!
Since I've been here the weather has been nothing but stormy and cold. I did not enjoy the long 11 hour flight to Taiwan, the short stay there and in Hong Kong, and I definately disfavor the ferry ride from Hong Kong to Zhong Shan, but that's about all I didn't like. Just note... heights and water aren't the only thing I'm afraid of. Visiting family and friends of my family can become extremely painful and nearly intolerable, but I can't say I hate it as much as I hate the methods of transportation or that I even hate it at all. I suppose the most unfortunate affair is that my itinerary doesn't even seem to have sleep listed.
Today I managed to flee from the recent routine. Although travelling with your parents requires a lot of giving into what they want to do, especially if you're going to their home country, I sincerely admit my visit has been awesome.
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