Saturday, March 21, 2009

Taiwan, HK, China

Guess what...? I am in quite an upbeat mood, that is, for now. The wait of this highly anticipated approaching vacation was pure torture. Every week day hour minute and second of the anxiety and impatience felt can fill your gas tank and run your car. I know.. I am powerful, giving, blatantly awesome, and now I'm even defying the laws of physics, nature, and who knows what's next? I don't. Hahaha I'm pretty crazy...

I had so much to protest, but all disatisfactory thoughts have been liberated from my once inflammed mentality because I will be in foreign territory soon! Excited would be an understatement under my circumstances. I should really be working on my philosophy paper, but I think I will take a four hour nap after this blog to leave me with enough time to take a shower before I head to the airport.

Today was extremely unproductive, but that's okay. I'm satisfied because Kat, Char, and I each got to enjoy one of those delectable $1.50 hot dogs that includes a drink with free refills at Costco. Yes, I am advertising their hotdogs. They are amazing. Go try one.

Oh yeah, I also went to Alicia's house to grab my ipod (and show off my new camera).

She wanted to be the first picture taken
with my new camera, but she was too late... Mwahaha...

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